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Collembola distribution is very broad because

Collembola distribution is very broad because it can be found in a wide variety of habitats such as polar regions, deserts, sub-tropical and tropical regions (Greenslade 1996). BUAHPOKER.COM AGEN POKER DOMINO ONLINE UANG ASLI INDONESIA TERPERCAYA TANPA ROBOT  Distribution of Collembola can with the help of soil particles and organic matter, can also with the help of wind or water. Family Hypogastruridae can be found both in the tropics and subtropics. Chrematocephalus genus, species C. celebensis has a cosmopolitan distribution, covering Japan, China, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Papua, New Britain, and Australia (Suhardjono 1992). However, there are some species that are endemic terrestrial Collembola, even known to have a high level of endemism (Hopkin 1997). Examples Xenylla Handschin orientalis found only on the island of Java (Suhardjono 1992). Endemism can occur either because of natural selection, such as the existence of a natural barrier in the form of sea, soil properties, and how the spread (Suhardjono 1992). 

2.1.6. Role Collembola to act as predatory nematodes and diatomaceous group (Suhardjono 1992). Collembola role in the food cycle as decomposer of organic matter or detritivor (Greenslade 1996; Hopkin 1997; Triplehorn & Johnson 2005) .. In the Collembola grown on soil mycorrhizal fungi and the control of disease in some plants. In the majority of the population of certain Collembola, funeral mycorrhizal root symbionts can stimulate growth and increase crop's growth. Collembola are important in stimulating or suppress microbial symbiosis around the roots of plants (Hopkin 1997). 

2.1.7. Diversity Collembola have high species diversity resulting in differences in the classification of Collembola. Some experts classify as an order of the class Collembola Hexapoda or Insecta (Triplehorn & Johnson, 2005). Meanwhile, another group of experts classify taxon Collembola as a separate class from the class of insects (Suhardjono 1992, Hopkins 1997; Greenslade 1996). Determination of morphological characters between Collembola and insects indicate a difference in principle can separate from the class Insecta Collembola. These characters are the differences in leg segments, thorax, and abdomen. Additionally Collembola have ventral tube,

According to Greenslade (1996) Collembola divided into three sub-orders, namely Arthropleona, Symphypleona, and Neelipleona. Arthropleona suborder includes species that have an elongated body, the boundary between the thorax and abdomen clear. While the sub-order spherical Neelipleona Symphypleona and the boundary between the body segments is less clear.

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developers, web designers,

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If the seeds from the seed will be moved at the age

If the seeds from the seed will be moved at the age of 1 year, the distance tanamnya 20 x 20 cm . If the seed from the seed will be moved at the age oLigaTaruhan Agen Bola, Agen Sbobet, Agen Ibcbet, Agen 338A Terpercayaf 2 years , then the distance tanamnya 30 x 30 cm.Sebaiknya dikecambahkan seeds first, for approximately 5 days until the roots are straight and good growth . How, seed - basket placed on a flat basket given enough land . Clove seeds laid flat lined at that site. In the world of agriculture , crop cocoa / chocolate is no longer foreign to the cocoa farmers in the district Prafi in treating the crop, but sometimes of several ways of treating cocoa crop we still can not produce results that match we expected. Well here we will try together to peel problems of the cocoa crop .
From the results of the survey outside Manokwari ( Lampung ) , cocoa crop is able to be in production between 17-20 tons of wet perhektar perbulan in late 2010 , wowww ... very unusual. As for the district of Manokwari Prafi - perbulan perhektarnya max 300kg dry , so the nominal value radically different course. So what makes the difference is the income from the harvest ... ? Of course there are some things / ways that may not have been known by many cocoa farmers in Indonesia and in particular Prafi - Manokwari district .
There are 4 things that the trees do by cocoa farmers in Lampung that can be applied by all cocoa farmers is as follows:

1 . Cocoa crop protection

Cocoa crop protection is quite important role in increasing the production of cocoa in Manokwari district - Prafi , given this new cocoa crop can be stable if the growth temperature between 8 ° C - 30 ° C , then the cocoa farmers in the urge to plant cover crops , minimum with a distance of 15m x 20m . And what kind of crop protection suitabl
Jual Baju Online Murahe for cocoa crop this ... ? PETE crop , very suitable for the crop protection made ​​of cocoa farmers . Other men who make more money , this one plant can drop their leaves and then sprout again , so do not plant cocoa constantly protected by cover crops , sometimes we can tersinari cocoa crop to full sun / full . In addition, the leaves of deciduous PETE can become natural fertilizer having become humus in the soil.

2 . Pruning cocoa crop

Pruning this sounds trivial , but if the pruning is not done to correct / original mangkas , revenue from the cocoa crop production thus will decrease from month to month thereafter. What's more, if too thick , it will pop up parasites such as moss , etc. parasite that clings to the stem of cocoa crop .As several ways pruning done by Cocoa farmers in Lampung is as follows:
FIRST Pangkaslah visible branches overlap and not in production yet, to branch jutting out to the side , to leave at 4 winds with a view to a connection between the first cocoa trees with cocoa trees that are next to it.
Second , Ward 1 in every budding cocoa cocoa crops jutting straight up , with a view , that is a high cocoa crop to less surplus 8meter . At each height of 2 meters , keep the cocoa branch jutting out to the side to four compass heading for the same purpose , namely that there is a relationship between one crop cocoa with cocoa crop was at his side .
THIRD , from both of the above are very important , not less important then that is the sun's rays as food processing plants to process cocoa fotosintesisnya . Then, his buds pruning and care not to block the sun to shine upon the soil , stems and
Jasa SEO Bergaransileaves. For if the land is less exposed to sunlight, then the cocoa crop production will be less than perfect due to nutrient absorption by leaves is reduced. At most 20 % less soil exposed to the sun .

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Labeling must be done in order to know how old these pieces in order to know what types of plants and crossed .

Labeling must be done in order to know how old these pieces in order to know what types of plants and crossed .expected to bloom on the next day . Once castrated , flowers wrapped in wax paper bags to avoid unwanted pollination .
2 . In the afternoon ( approximately 15:00 ) captured the interest of the varieties that will be used as the male parent . flowers laidthe container is covered with a tissue / cotton wet with upward facing position . Furthermore dried flower an hour in the ho
Gudang303 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014t sun so fast juice box broke . Further interest is stored in the shade . In the evening , when the pollen starts to look , flowers are ready for use as pollinators of flowers that have been castrated .
3 . Pollination is done by applying pollen from the male parent to the stigma of the female parent . Furthermore , flower oil closed paper bag and labeled in accordance with the varieties used ( elder male x female parent ) and the date of crosses . Paper bag was opened after ± 5 days . After crossing the finish , just waiting for the fruit to be harvested . At the time of harvest , the grain to move the dot com crossed durian 3persilangan cleaned of flesh and selected seeds are pithy . Furthermore, seeds planted and allowed to grow until it is ready to be connected with the rootstock . Furthermore, seedlings ready to be planted and evaluated the results if it is to bear fruit . The durian fruit plants from crosses generates varied . Therefore , in addition to obtaining improved varieties , from crosses also useful to add to the collection of genetic resources ( Ni Luh Putu Indriyani ) .
Source: balitbu@litbang.deptan.go.idback to topconnect / grafting Adenium
Connecting is the most commonly used method to propagate Adenium hybrids . It also serves to accelerate the growth on the stem when young .
Rootstock selected the cob good . Rootstocks grown to be active , while the upper stem are growing or may be dormant .
The steps are:

V-shaped cut rootstock
V -shaped cut on the stem , the opposite of the rootstock .
insert scions to rootstocks in pieces that have been made ​​.
match the cambium i JUDI DOMINO, AGEN DOMINO, AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA  n the stem above and below the stem on one side . Actually matching on both sides better , but great scions and rootstocks 's the same emotion .
lace-up connection with a plastic strap as tightly as possible .
protect the connection from the water by covering it with a transparent plastic .
after connection blends well ( about 1 month ) bond release .
back to topsave root rot
If the leaves suddenly turn yellow and fall off much , this might mark the root rot . Adenium like this should be saved in order not to die . Because root rot is too much water absorption and water absorption rather than through the path that cuts through .
How to prevent it from rotting due to moisture absorption problems include:

Use porous media .
Drainage holes should be smooth .
If Adenium 're not in a period of active growth , then the media should be allowed to dry slightly before the next watering .
Note: The frequency of watering depends on various factors such as : Adenium is being actively growing or not , the age of Adenium , Adenium large , the power of the media to hold the water , and the amount of the pot . So , Adenium can be watered every day , two days , three days , vary depending on the needs of each plant .How to prevent rotting due to injury :

Be careful when doing a transplant , not to injure the roots .
Sterilize the tools to do the training roots .
Transplant or tr
SOCCERINDO AGEN BOLA ONLINE WORLD CUP 2014 aining only when the active growing Adenium .
If there is injury to the root ( intentionally or not ) let the wound dry out before watering newly planted and after no signs of growth ( approximately 1 week ) .
If Adenium we already showed signs of rot , then immediately remove from the pot . Rinse and then throw away the rotten parts using a sterile knife . Do not hesitate to get rid of the rotten , little remains , can make rotten creeper . Grease wound with a fungicide and allow the wound to dry . His old wound dries vary by state cuts ( how could a few days until thirty days ) . If it does not dry out the wound , even wet , meaning that there is little lingering foul and spread . How could the one who cut the roots rot until no one bit left or foul re-emerged . Once the wound is completely dry completely , then Adenium ready replanted . But before apply root stimulator and dry again . Planting in the media and should not be watered until a week . The first time should be a little watering . When there are signs of growth in the flush of leaves or branches as usual .
back to topRelated posts :Applications BaBi4Ti4O15 protonated as Catalysts in Reactions Dragon fruit is a plant that is quite exotic . This plant became popular since the people know that the fruit produced are edible and have medicinal properties . Dragon fruit plants, including cacti and commonly referred to as Vine cacti ( cactus climber ) . knowing th Agen Judi, Agen Judi Bola, Agen Bola Online, Agen SBObet Terpercaya at the nation including edible cactus plant ( edible ) then many researchers are interested enough to do this breeding . Research on dragon fruit cactus and other family mostly done by researchers call it the nation of Israel Tel - Zur ,

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Degmada simani khadka Nelson Mandela .

Degmada simani khadka Nelson Mandela .Bacriminta wuxuu ka kooban yahay : (a) Bacriminta oo ka kooban xubno ka Dhaqale nitrogen ,Bartay , Calcium ( laga sameeyey ZA bacriminta , tsp iyo KCl ) , (b) Micro bacrimintaka kooban yahay calcium (CA) Magnesium (mg) Mangaan ( Mn ) , birta ( Fe ) , Sulfur ( S ) ,Copper ( CU ) , Zinc ( AGEN JUDI CASINO ONLINE SBOBET 338A INDONESIA TERPERCAYA  mayno ) boron ( Bo ) iyo Molibden ( Mo ) . Foster , iibintaqaba wata magac dhowr ah sida Mikroflex , Microsil iwm . Isticmaal , isku qasan1 % anti - caarada daawo borer .
F. OtherYeeesha iyo sariibadaha, bixidoonto dhulka dhagaxa ka .Nelson Mandela oo dhinaca of beerto qaraha ah waxaa lagu sameeyaa kurihii ah . In xarunta , waxay aasaas u ah ee Nelson Mandela , ayaa la simay iyo kor ku lakabka qalalan kale caws buu this la siiyey faafinta ee uu qaraha iyo khudrad .Nelson Mandela waa in la weeded , waraabin jirtay iyo daboolay kale caws qalalan iyo 2-3 cm mulch caag ah qarada weyn leh caag ah width 110-150 cm la xakameeyo uumi biyaha iyo dalag koraa duurjoogta ah .
Codsiga of macaash badan , sababtoo ah caag ah waa more raagaya , si 8-12 bilood ee hore tuurnay u furan ( 2-3 jeer muddo beerashada a) . Qashinka caag ah Silver in tarjumayaan iftiinka qoraxda iyo si dadban caawinta dhirta badan ka heli iftiinka qoraxda koritaanka .
6 > 3 . Qalabka Beeraha QarahaDetermination A. of Dalag ShukriQaraha waa warshad xilliyeed Beero leh patterns abuurka oo u qusheeceen 2 ) Warshadaha Plant Hole .
Abuurto miraha qaraha on dalka field , ka dib markii ka yihin 14 maalmood jir ah oo uu koray caleen ± 2-3 qaybood . Inta la
KAISARBET.COM AGEN BOLA TERPERCAYA PIALA DUNIA 2014 ga sugayo soo farcamay pelubangan weyn oo ku filan sameeyo on dalka kula qoto dheer ah 8-10 cm .
B. Preparation of pelubangan dalka dalagga 1 week sameeyo inta abuurku waxaa loo wareejiyey dhulka ku . A 20-30 cm leexisaa masaafada u dhexeysa godad Nelson Mandela ku wareegsan 80-100 cm / gaatir iyo qarada weyn u raaxa ahaa Nelson xisbiga .Land daboolay mulch caag ah , ka dibna gargaarka loo baahan yahay ka soo daasadaha rinjiga hore la siin size ee 1 kg -daloolo ku habboon dalool ciidda xaaladaha Nelson Mandela la siiyo .
C. Sida loo beeri QarahaKa dib markaan pelubangan , Abuuritaan ballaaran oo areal u waraabiyey sameeyo si ay ciidda diyaar u yahay beerto abuurka ilaa saabsan ¾ Nelson daad areal sare , iyo inuu ololku biyo tagay . Ka hor inta beerto ul abuurka lagu sameeyo baxaday , ayaa farcankaaga loogu sii daayo , waayo fudud isticmaalka bacaha balaastikada ah laga heli karo .
Tallaalada Talaabada uu sameeyo dhigaayo 5-10 daqiiqo Ulasocto isku dar ah ee xal of qaybinta daroogada .Ka dalbo daroogada waxay ka kooban yihiin :* 1 qaado yar ee atonic hormoonka , Abitonik , dekamon menedael , ,* 1 qaado yar FERESna bur bactericidal ,* 1 qaado yar FERESna ku masax budo / bur ( Berlate , dithane M- 45 , Daconiel ) .
Saleynayo Xeebeedka waa sida soo socota:a) bac ee si taxadar leh loo qaaday si ay xididada ahayn .b ) Plant leh goobo ka carro oo geli godadka meel la dhameeyayc) dildilaaca koox saamiley ah kuwa yaamayska ku daboolay ciidda in loo diyaargareeyeyd) dalool hadhay waxa dhirta daboolay ciidda oo waraabin jirtay in yar oo biyo si ay warbaahinta abuurku ku biiro dhulka k Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Online Terpercaya Indonesiau wareegsan midoobin karo iyada oo aan ku haray .
6 > 4 . Conservation of geedahaA. kala dheereynta iyo toloDhirta Qaraha da'doodu u 3-5 maalmood in lagu arkay , marka koray / dhirta aad u culus dhintay aadan wax daabacan / bedelaa geedo cusub oo laga abuurka in la dhameeyay soo jeedinta . Ma khafiifiya marka dhirta waa dad aad u culus ay u jar caleemaha iyo jirridaha aan loo baahnayn , sababta oo ah iftiinka qoraxda ka caawinaysaa ka hortagga horumarinta dalagga .
B. CMC-* Qaraha Dalag kaliya ku filan in lagu qabto laba , oo leh laan qabanqaabooyinka hoose Cismaan badan . Dhowro oo 2-3 ay laamo sare dagayso ama saqaf .* Ka dhig jaridda dhirta on saqaf aan waxtar lahayn , dhamaado laamaha sare ku qabteen Magaalada iyo disisakan 2 caleemaha . Laanta Sare kordhaya on talaabooyinka in haddiiba waxaa loo jari hoos sababta oo ah koritaanka abbaarta midhaha .* Qabanqaabooyinka laamood ugu weyn iyo laamaha hoose si dhamaan caleemaha on laan kasta oo aanu isku dhafan yihiin midba midka kale , ilaa rays siman kala tagno , taasoo saamayn ku koritaanka wanaagsan geedaha / miro .
C. PembubunanDhul beerashada Qaraha , si ay xididada u sameeyaan dalka pembubunan hawlihiisa oo nuugo cuntada iyo sameeyaa dhowr maalmood ka hor la beero .
D. PerempalanSameeya kala soocida iyo dib uula soo of cawska aan ahayn faa'iido leh sida ay saameyn ku koritaanka geedaha / qare koraya . Perempelan sameeyo si loo yareeyo dalagga in uu yahay mid aad u culus oo ay sabab u badan oo cawska in ka yar tahay faa'iido .
E. la hormarinaayoGrant oo ah bacriminta organic ka hor laga beerto marka aan dhan nuugo , ka dibna kor u sameeyey si ku habboon marxalad beerista ee koritaanka . Inta lagu jiro koritaan daaqsinka loo baahan yahay caleemaha bacriminta ( Topsil D ) , in wajiga of horumarinta miro iyo ku fulan loo baahan yahay ababin Topsis B si loo hagaajiyo tayada miraha soo saaray . Grant ka baxo oo isku dhafan ay la bacrimin iyo fungicides ayaa waxaa insekstisida matching joogtada ah .
Sida loogu talagalay ku xereen la sameeyo sida soo socota:* 1 caleen bacrimin u dhiibay at 7 , 14 , 21 , 28 iyo 35 maalmood ka dib markii laga beerto,* Miro 2 bacrimin u dhiibay at 45 iyo 55 maalmood ka dib markii laga beerto,* 3 ZA iyo Asili ( 1:1 ) waxaa la sameeyaa 21 maalmood kaddib markii la beero of 300 ml ,* 4 25 maalmood kaddib markii la beero oo ah 400 ml iyo 55 maalmood ka dib markii la beero oo ah 400 ml .
F. Waraabka iyo ka waraabiyaaNidaamka loo adeegsad
KAISARBET.COM AGEN BOLA TERPERCAYA PIALA DUNIA 2014ay habka waraabka Waraabka Alqaacida , biyaha waxaa la dhex mareen channel u dhexeeya Nelson Mandela , soo noqnoqoshada waraabiyo ee waraabka xilli qallalan 4-6 maalmood lahayn mugga xad-dhaaf . Marka bamka biyaha ceelka ( oo biyo ah naaftada ) waraabinta waxaa loo sameeyaa iyadoo la kaashanayo of tuubada caaga ah ee size ku filan a sidaas dhakhso . Dhirta Qaraha u baahan tahay biyo joogto ah oo aan ka jirin oo biyo ah .
G. Time ee ku xereen cayayaankaIntaa waxaa dheer in ay bacrimin caleen , insktisida iyo ku masax , maya daroogada oo kale in uu yahayZPZ ( dhirta aphrodisiac ); qalabka iyo ❏ Caanaha flattener digada Dhaqale ( pm) sharoobo . ZPT dose : 7.5 cc , Agristik : 7.5 cc iyo macdan ah ( pm) : 10 14-17 cc halkii litir ee dareeraha . Moobeyl isku dar ah ee dhirta , daawooyinka la sameeyey > 20 maalmood oo dalka dib markii . Intaa waxaa loo sameeyaa mar 5 maalmood oo kasta si da'da 70 maalmood . Moobeyl waxa lagu sameeyaa Gaysa a for hore tuurnay oo aan ahayn mid aad u ballaadhan iyo mashiinada naaftada - powered markii kumannaan hektar oo dhulka . Moobeyl waxaa loo sameeyaa subaxdii iyo baahida laalaada galabtii iyo xaaladaha cimilada .
H. ilaalinta Kuwo kaleSelection of musharaxiinta waa shaqo muhiim ah in la helo tayo wanaagsan ( miisaanka miro waa weyn oo ku filan , waa inta u dhaxaysa 1.0 1.5 m ka soo dalagga soo afjarno ) , musharaxiinta ahaayeen dhow dalagga soo afjarno uu yar yahay , sababtoo ah da ' yartahay (oo qiyaas ka size ee ukunta digaag in qaab wanaagsan oo aan dadka naafada ah ) . Arday walba waxaa looga baahan yahay dalagga ee 1-2 gogo ' , inta kale ee dalagga . Arday walba ee ± 2 kg inta badan waa is beddeli si looga fogaado midab saboolka ah ay sabab u ahayn merataan ilayska qorraxda , midabka sidaas yar soo jiidasho leh iyo in la yareeyo qiimaha iibka ah ee midhaha naftigeeda .
7 . Timi cayayaan iyo CUDURKA qaraha
7 > 1 . CayayaankaDalagyada qaraha Hama waxaa lagu kala saari karaa galay 2 kooxood:mite u adkaysata iyo non- adkaysi u cayayaan dilaha ah .
Bulunbulyo aadan iska caabiya cayayaanka ( Aphids , qaababka sida boodada ) , bakhtiyeen guud ahaan cagaaran , Ururin ku nool , aan baalal lahayn , iyo qalin jabiyay .
Calaamadaha yimaada dhibco caleen huruud ah , faaqidaad koritaanka .U maaraysay waxaa loo sameeyaa daawooyin kiimiko ah iyo kiimikada aan ahayn .Cayayaanka kuwani waa caarada in ay yihiin adkaysi u cayayaanka , sida jiirarka , xayawaanka cultured ( bisadaha , eyda iyo digaagga ) .Gacan ku haynta JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA: hayn dike ee had iyo jeer waa nadiif ah , oo dhiseysa deedadka hareeraha dhirta ka , rakibida qalab ah in ay soo saartaa dhawaaqyada marka aragtaan dabayl iyo qabtay wareeg ayay waardiyayaashu .
A.ThripsCaato ah oo cabbirkooda yaryar oo , cirro madow midab huruud ah ,ayaa cabasho ka segmented jirka Qaybaha .Mode isugu gudbiyo waa la safray by habeenkii , ku nool yihiin iyo nooc .Gacan ku haynta : moobeyl xal cayayaanka in ay qoyan ee dalagga iyo siman .
B.Ulat caleemo vandalGreen leh madow oo nabrahoodii ka / hurdi ah oo cagaaran striped ,saxiixdo ilaa joogi weerar caleen la cuni karo daaha lilinnya iyola arki karo meel fog ka sida dalool ah .U maaraysay : sameeyo ee aan ahayn kiimikada iyo kiimikada .
C.TungauBahalka cas yar yar waa wax hurdi / godgodan oo yar yarnuugaan dheecaan dhirta , iyo inay is difaacaan qaniinaan iyo urka .
Calaamadda , la arki karo net - net ka mid ah kuwan xayawaanka ah buulka ka hoostiisa caleen ,midabka caleenta noqon doonaa cirro leh . U maaraysay : sameeyo ee aan ahayn kiimikada iyoqaba cayayaanka .
dalka D.UlatBerbintik-bintik/bergaris-garis madow dherer jirka , oo ah 2-5 cm , firfircoondhaawici iyo guurto Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia  adka waaweyn ee salka la dhaco, oo ah warshad uu .Gacan ku haynta :( 1 ) isugu dhow laga beerto gobolka sijebiyo nolosha ee ku ridaysa iyo buulal dabargoynta aan aboor ku hareereysan ah;(2) qaliinka ee kiimikada ah , daawooyinka sida ay xeerarka qaraha beerto .
Duqsigu E.Kutu caddaan iyo miroFeatures baalasheeda hufan leh dhibco huruud ah iyo jir ah .Calaamadaha Attack : jirto nabar maqaarka ah oo miro ah (sida uu qofkale proboscis ) , jidhka ku leedahay beduliyum wax yar dhanaan iyo nabaro laga arki karo .
Gacan ku haynta :Lagu sameeyo non- kiimiko ( nadiifinta deegaanka gaar ahaan maqaarka Midhihii ,beddeli la caarada hore ee xaaqay / xagaafi ) .In kiimikada : mukhaadaraad .
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Monday, March 10, 2014

Ministro de Agricultura Suswono agradó ver a muchos

Ministro de Agricultura Suswono agradó ver a muchos de los agricultores están recurriendo a sus medios de vida. "Los Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesialtores son mucho más de las profesiones , incluso estoy feliz", dijeron los eventos de consulta Planificación Suswono Desarrollo en 2014-2019 en East Java salón Gran Ciudad Surabaya el jueves 6 de marzo de 2014.
Muchos agricultores están recurriendo a sus medios de vida tomadas Suswono deseable. Esto se debe a que las tierras agrícolas es demasiado estrecho y poco productivo .
En Indonesia, la proporción de la superficie agrícola per cápita es de sólo 560 metros cuadrados . Comparar con Tailandia, que alcanza 5.600 metros cuadrados por habitante o diferencia de 10 veces . Es decir, si por cabeza de familia en Tailandia tiene 3 hectáreas de tierras agrícolas , a continuación, en Indonesia es de sólo 0,3 hectáreas.
Los agricultores de Indonesia, dijeron Suswono , ya no miró con los medios de subsistencia en la agricultura , pero cambió a la industria agrícola. No obstante , pidió que el gobierno local no está dejando dialihfungsikan tierras de cultivo. Por otra parte, muchas áreas del sentra comida contribuye a los suministros nacionales de alimentos . " Si esto no se observa , sería difícil. Crisis alimentaria ocurrirá ", dijo .
Las tierras agrícolas debe ser completado para el cultivo sostenible de alimentos . Actualmente 193 nuevos distritos han designado como alimento sentra distrito. Desafortunadamente, dijo Suswono , sólo se centran en el propio distrito. De hecho, cada región tiene el potencial de contribuir a la seguridad alimentaria mundial.
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